Frequently asked questions

Is there any hidden fees?

Not at all. This service is absolutely free in every aspect.

Is my website hosted within United States?

Yes. Our primary server is in Fremont, California and secondary server in Dallas, Texas.

Do you run ads on my pages?

No. That would totally ruin the free offer.

Is paid hosting better than this?

If you want a lot of support and programming features such as database and dynamic scripting, yes. However, if all you need is hosting a few static HTML pages for family gallery, paid hosting is no better than us.

As a matter of fact, we are better than half of the paid hosting businesses out there in terms of server responsiveness and uptime because they tend to oversell, stuffing the servers with many more websites than it could normally handle.

The monthly fees we pay out for servers from the top data centers amounts to hundreds of dollars. Just walk around our forums and see what the users are saying about our server and network performances.

Do you allow me to put up ads such as AdSense on my own website?

Sure. You can earn money via the website hosted with us in any decent manner you like.

How do you guys profit from this endeavor?

We will come up with some lovely tools based on monthly subscription. With these tools and gadgets, you can easily create beautiful and useful static websites. But that's definitely not required for your free hosting account.

Do you offer site builders?

At present, no. But soon there will be.

How long do I have to upload my website after approval?

Within a month. If you can't come up with something worthwhile in a month after our approval of your application, your account will be terminated.

What's something worthwhile?

You know, not the kind of "under construction" page. Since this is a free service, many people tend to not care that much about it. After the initial signup, they'd just leave it there, doing nothing with it. However, we want our users to actively use this service to build something useful. Once the whole thing is completed, you will have no worry about your account being terminated for this particular reason.

So now I have lifetime free HTML hosting?

Not really. If you or your website ever becomes repeat infringer of our suspension policy, we will suspend the website and your account, possibly deleting all the files - but we will definitely notify you beforehand so you can retrieve the data.

What is your account suspension policy?

We don't have a formal suspension policy yet but everything out of good will should be deemed acceptable. What is acceptable and what is not are purely subject to the judgement of Free HTML Hosting.

I want to donate to you, how?

Simply click the big heart below.

And we really appreciate it.

What is HTML and how do I create it?

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. All web pages you see on the Web are created and written in HTML. Basically, it's a common text file, but rather than containing flat paragraphs of texts, it contains structural tags that markup the text to be a well organized document. You can learn more about it in our library. A text editor is enough for authoring HTML documents.

Do I need programming skills to create HTML pages?

No. While code oriented people can roll out neat code with a plain text editor, you can create beautiful web pages as well by the help of a more sophisticated, hybrid IDE such as Expression Web and Dreamweaver. Search and you will find plenty of tips and tutorials about them in our library.

What is FTP and how do I use it to upload my files to you?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol which is what you rely on to transfer files from your local computer to our servers. Along with the approval email of your application, we will enclose the login details such as the username and password that you use to connect to our FTP servers to upload your website files. There are many free FTP clients available. WinSCP and Filezilla are 2 of the most popular. Learn how to use them in our library.